Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Registered No. S/68836/2010]
Central Head Quarters
D-7, Telegraph Place, Gole Market, New Delhi –– 110 001
Advisor : V.A.N. Namboodiri President: Ananta Kr. Bhattacharjee
 AIBDPA/Pension June 30, 2014

 Shri Arun Jaitely,
Hon’ble Finance Minister,
Government of India
New Delhi – 110 001

Respected Sir,
 Sub: - Grant of 78.2% IDA merger for BSNL Pensioners – reg.
 We are bringing to your kindsellf, the follllowing llong pending issue for favourablle consideration and
earlly decision.
 BSNL absorbed DoT emplloyees are elligiblle for government pension as per the agreement signed at
the time of formation of BSNL between the Staff Federations & DoT.
 After the conversion of CDA scalles in to IDA scalles in 2000 and wage revision in 2007, as per PSU
system, the pension of BSNL pensioners were revised.
 BSNL emplloyees have been granted 78.2% IDA merger fixation notionalllly w.e.f. 01-01-2007 and
actualllly from 10-06-2013, the date on which DOT issued orders for the same (DOT 64-01/2012-SU
dated 10-06-2013). But the pensioners who retired before 10-06-2013 have not received the same in
their pension, as separate orders are required, which are yet to be issued. To settlle the issue, the
Presidentiall Directive issued by DOT has to be revised to extend the benefit of merger of 50% IDA
with basic pay w.e.f. 01-01-2007, effectivelly amounting to 78.2% for the purpose of fitment and pay
fixation on actuall basis, instead of notionall pay fixation keeping the arrear payment deferred as per
agreement. This fixation is based on the decision of DPE and is impllemented in allll Departments and
PSUs. But the BSNL pensioners are denied the benefit of the same. This is pending llong in DOT /Dept.
of Expenditure without any decision, resullting in deprivall of the same to the BSNL pensioners.
Favourablle decision may kindlly be taken in the matter at the earlliest which willll be a great rellief to
these senior citizens.  
Thanking you,  
Yours sincerely
(V.A.N. Namboothiri)


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